Andy WARHOL Jane Holzer signed lithograph limited edition

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AndyWarhol, signed in print & numbered

I'm offering a rare lithograph from the series "Portraits of the 70s" from ANDY WARHOL (6.8.1928 – 22.2.1987).


Artist:Andy Warhol

Arch/ Motive: 40 cm * 50 cm / 30 cm * 30 cm

Motive:Jane Holzer, 1975

Editor:Museum of Art, Carnegie Institute Pittsburgh

Yearof Edition: 1986

LimitedEdition: 415 / 2400 / numbered with pencil on front, on verso stamped CMOA

Reference:Portraits of the 70s, page 64

Signature:signed in stone

Condition:perfect, no tears & creases


Thisunique print is from a limitededition and not like the often offered unlimited prints from Andy WARHOL with the note"published by Sunday B. Morning" and "fill in your signature".You get here an uncomparable signed in print lithograph with a lasting andsteady rising value.

Thisstunning collections of 112 Andy WARHOL portraits - two variations each of 56people - is published in conjunction with a major exhibition organized by theWhitney Museum of American Art. Celebrated in the sixties for his Pop paintingsof Campbell's soup cans, film stars and disasters, WARHOL has found equal renownin the seventies with his commissioned portraiture. Here, in glorious color, areAndy's remarkable interpretations of his friends: collectors, art dealers andthe Beautiful People. Among those included are Diane von Furstenberg, Halston,Mick Jagger, Brooke Hayward, Jane Holzer, Liza Minelli, Carolina Herreraand Yves St. Laurent. The introductory essay by Robert Rosenblum, one ofAmerica's most distinguished art historians, places WARHOL's work in the contextof traditional portrait painting. In translating "the journalistic mediumof photography into the realm of art", WARHOL revised this traditional at atime when it had been largely abandoned by most serious artists. His use of themechanized look of commercial photography grants WARHOL a new "aestheticlanguage" and an utterly contemporary style that paradoxically preservesits subject for prosperity. WARHOL, as Rosenblum remarks, is a celebrity amongcelebrities, the "ideal court painter to the 1970s internationalaristocracy". Individually these portraits capture the complexpersonalities of their subjects; together they capture the look of society inthis decade. Brooke Hayward, at once ravishingly worldly and devastatinglyinnocent; Carolina Herrera, a queen tigress among tigerwomen....

Jane Holzer (bornOctober 23, 1940) is an American art collector and film producer who waspreviously an actress, model, and Warholsuperstar. She was often known by the nickname Baby Jane Holzer.


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Pricestructure WARHOL prints

handsigned& numbered (250 series) min. DKK 140000

signedin stone & numbered (see this auction, 3000 series) min. DKK 10000

unsigned& unlimited Sunday B. Morning editions (silkscreens) min. DKK 3000

postersmin. DKK 100



COA:The only serious COA for Warhol prints comes from the Board of the WarholFoundation. The examination costs are all in all about DKK 10000. It will beissued for handsigned lithographs or handpaintings which have value of min. DKK140000.

Provenance:All the offered prints come directly from the editor.

Thespot on the upper side is a magnet for fixing the print .



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Solid packaging guaranteed

Europe DKK 180

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Andy WARHOL Jane Holzer signed lithograph limited edition i Staad af elcoco

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Andy WARHOL Jane Holzer signed lithograph limited edition
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Pris: 3590,- DKK

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Andy WARHOL Jane Holzer signed lithograph limited edition

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